Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bucket Head

These make great lightweight
inexpensive 'buckets'
Bucket Head is probably familiar to many of you. It is an old standby at tennis carnivals, play days, camps, and other activities where there are large groups of inexperienced players. You will need some lightweight buckets or bucket-like items (like a cardboard box!). Two will do if you play this as a team activity. If you have more than two buckets, you can play this with smaller teams/groups.

One player from each team is designated as Bucket Head and takes up a position at the baseline. They hold their bucket on top of their head. All other teammates are across the court at the other baseline. Each takes turns trying to bounce feed a ball so that Bucket Head can catch it in their bucket on top of their head. The team with the most balls in their bucket wins.

Take care that balls are cleared out from under Bucket Head's feet. If this is too difficult, Bucket Head can hold bucket out in front of them rather than on their head. Or, designate a coach or parent as the Bucket Head and younger players can just focus on their bounce feeds.