Friday, March 1, 2013

Two and Out

Two and Out is a fun activity presented by Tito Perez Rios at the recent PTR 10 and Under Tennis Conference in Hilton Head. He didn't give it a name so I am taking the liberty. It was part of a group of activities he showed us that are done on a mini court or within the service boxes of a full court. Works for all ages and abilities.

This is tag team singles, coach on one side of the net and all other players on the other. One at a time, they take on the coach. Win or lose, they return to the end of the line after they finish the point. After two losses, they are Out. Tito had them do a medium jog around the court once they were out. I am not a huge fan of the jog around the court but I do agree with Tito that it is very motivating to avoid the jog and not lose twice!

Last player standing becomes the new coach. Note the 'coach' is not affected by the Two and Out rule - they stay the coach no matter what until there is a winner on the other side.