Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet! Feet! Feet!

Thanks, Kid Fitness 101 for today's tennis drill idea. That link in the first sentence will take you to a brief video loaded with footwork drills. I used a half-dozen or so of them yesterday to warm up my Orange and Green ball classes. They are a challenge! I used

  • Hopping back and forth across the line, both laterally and toward the net, one foot as well as two
  • 4 step count moves - reminded me of salsa class!
  • Big Skip - who doesn't love skipping?

The kids were huffing and puffing, but energized. One of my Green ball students was inspired to add one of his own, so I will share it with you here.

  • Facing the center of the court, hop so that one foot is extended over the front of the line and one behind. Alternate in a scissors motion as you move laterally toward the net. 

Thanks, Zeb!