Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toss is Boss

Ian Westermann and his cool
tweener shirt
Thanks Web Tennis Drills for recently recycling a 2007 video of Ana Ivanovic giving some simple tennis tips. As she was talking about serves, she said, 'toss is boss'. I could not agree more. In a different interview with Roger Federer, the GOAT said if you can perfect your toss, you are halfway to getting a good serve. Think about that for a minute. Footwork, weight transfer, swing path, swing speed, target, spin, grip, point of contact - all of that is lumped together into only 50% of a quality serve, the other 50% dependent on one thing: your toss!

I have already posted some toss-related activities in this blog (just search the 'serve' label). Today I will add a link to a 5 minute video by Ian Westermann of EssentialTennis. He is demonstrating a toss activity similar to the Tap N Toss activity I beg my students to use as their tennis homework. It requires a tennis ball and a tennis racquet - that's it. No court necessary. You will need a safe place to toss in. But since you will not be hitting the ball or swinging the racquet, that place can be relatively small.

Enjoy Ian's video, and go back and look at some of my other serve-related blog entries. Let's get that toss to where it is BOSS!