Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Criss-Cross is a variation of one of my favorite live ball drills, 3 Monkeys. Like 3 Monkeys, it requires certain criteria be met before the point can be played out. With 3 Monkeys it is usually a set number of shots cross-court, increasing in number required as players improve. Criss-Cross requires certain types of shot be achieved before playing out the point.

Two players play singles.

  • One serves out wide
  • Returning player must return down the line
  • Server must return this ball cross court

Only now can the point be played out. I like this drill because it works on serving to a specific spot as well as what is like to happen when you serve out wide. I would also set this up as a doubles drill to train the net player to guard that alley when their partner's serve lands in the out-wide third of the service box.

Adapted from "Live Ball: Let Them Play" by Oliver Stephens, TennisPro Magazine Sept/Oct 2013.