Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winner Take All

Winner Take All is a mash-up of several different games. I am sure you will recognize a few of them. I got the inspiration for it one morning while brushing my teeth. That 2 minute timer on the electric toothbrush sometimes seems like an eternity!

Play singles format with one player designated as the champ and all others as challengers. Begin point with challenger serving to champ. Play out point, being careful to count each rally per player. Player who wins point earns all rally points. Player who wins point is also now the champ. So if the challenger wins the point, she runs over to champ side of court. Next challenger is up; repeat. Play for a designated amount of time. Player with most points at end of time is the winner.

  • If you need to speed up play, allow only one serve, or do a bounce feed instead of a serve.
  • Have players in line at net post rather than in back court so they can assist in counting the rallies and learn a little something about calling lines.