Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mr. Wolf

Perfect book to accompany
this game
Thanks to Martyn Collins for sending this website my way. I will be R&D'ing* heavily the next few posts to convert some of the fun game ideas into tennis activities.

The original is entitled, "What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?" but I can already see where that will be too long for my younger students. Game names are important to the success of an activity. If you have some activities that seem like they should be fun but aren't quite working, make sure they have a fun name. If they don't have a name, make one up. If it involves scary animals like sharks or wolves, all the better!

This game is best for larger groups. One player is selected as the Wolf. The Wolf stands with his/her back to the rest of the group. If you are playing this on a full size tennis court, have the Wolf at the net and all others behind the baseline.

Players in the large group take turns calling out, "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?" Each time Wolf answers, players take a step closer to Wolf. Remember, Wolf has his/her back to the group so cannot see how close they are. Wolf answers each question with a time. Time can be completely made up, like ''two thirty" or "eleven fifteen". Eventually however, Wolf will answer, "Dinner time!", turn, and chase the players. First player tagged before reaching the safe zone behind the baseline is the new Wolf.

You may have to dictate how large of a step should be taken after each of Wolf's answers - giant step, baby step, regular step, etc.

*ripping off and duplicating